Thanks for listening!

We are honored that you joined us at AACC to learn about the complex issues surrounding narcissistic and emotional abuse.  It is our mission to offer hope and healing to both the victims and the perpetrators in these relationships and we need your help!

Partnership & Training Opportunities

mental health professionals:

  • Add our intensive small group programs, Redeemed and The Core, to your treatment plans in conjunction with weekly care in your practice.
  • Receive expert, personal training from Sharmen Kimbrough and/or Dr. Hawkins via video conference or in-person!


church leadership:

  • Invite Sharmen Kimbrough or Dr. Hawkins to speak at your congregation at an upcoming event or marriage retreat.
  • Get training for your staff on how to spot emotional or narcissistic abuse in your parishioners and guide them to find specialized help.
  • Offer financial support or scholarships in partnership with the Marriage Recovery Center to those in need.